On 26 April 2018, the third project management meeting took place in Visaginas. The aim of the event was to discuss results achieved during the second reporting period, as well as review goals, tasks and deliverables of the upcoming period.

The partners discussed the creation process of business simulation games No. 1 (retail) and 2 (wholesale), analyzed experience gained and achievements made during preparation and conduction of the pilot game, as well as during other games held in Klaipeda, Ventspils and Visaginas. Special emphasis was made on high marks received from games’ participants. “Be involved” seminars carried out during the 2nd reporting period were also favourably evaluated both by the partners and participants.

As regards to the upcoming period, the partners discussed development and conduction of business simulation games No. 3 (production) and 4 (service), organization of remaining “Be involved” seminars and fulfilment of tasks related to ICT business simulator.

Steering group members, who were present at the meeting, gave a positive feedback to the project partners.