Why business?

Starting a business is not always an easy step to take: potential entrepreneurs are scared of engaging themselves in a new field, believe that they do not have necessary skills to lead a company or do not have sufficient financial resources for their venture. However, all these and other obstacles can be overcome if an entrepreneur clearly sees benefits of running an own company and receives an adequate support.

First of all, having your own company means having more freedom: you can implement a great idea you have been having for a long time or turn your hobby into a business, choose people you will be working with and decide on your working hours. Importantly, you can make strategic decisions and select a path your company will take. In other words, you can control your destiny.

Even though a role of an entrepreneur can be risky and demanding, it allows gaining more rewards than a regular 9 to 5 job. Sense of accomplishment is much stronger when you reach an ambitious goal you have set for yourself. Young entrepreneurs continuously learn something new, thus becoming a better version of themselves every day. They can prepare budgets, motivate employees, intrigue clients and build long-standing relations with them, advertise products and services in many different ways and be happy at the same time.

Finally, having an own business allows not only reaching financial independence but also creating work places, which means a positive impact on economy.

“Ready for business” project encourages and helps young people and potential entrepreneurs to establish and successfully run a company while avoiding painful mistakes.

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