The 8th business simulation game dedicated to services took place on 13 December 2018 in Jelgava at the Faculty of Economics and Social Development of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. Players from six Latvian and Lithuanian regions met in an auditorium named after Kazimirs Shpogs, who not only was the Dean of the Faculty in 1976-1980, but also a scientist, a social activist and even the Minister of Agriculture.

Participants were divided into six teams and got their first task – to come up with a team’s name and a slogan. The players successfully passed through the first stage and in just 25 minutes all teams and their mottos were presented:
1) 7 stars – Serving the best with the best.
2) Latuva – Two friends may have different culture, behaviour and thoughts, but live in one friendship.
3) Slow Turbo – Maybe we are slow and shy, but our business will always be fine.
4) Blowminders – We will blow your mind.
5) 5 senses – You will have everything you need.
6) Equality – Every person matters.

Afterwards, the players got acquainted with a business of a beauty parlour that had recently been established by three friends: Ivo, Vilius and Luna. During the following three sessions, the teams went through challenges faced by the salon during its first year of operation. How to deal with a popular blogger who posts negative information about a service rendered by a hair stylist famous for her impeccable work? What to do if a new salon is about to open just around the corner and its owner has much greater financial resources and connections? How to increase company’s income: is it better to create a special men’s corner with a brutal design or attract moms with children? In addition, the teams had to solve problems appearing in an interior design studio, restaurant and fitness club.

The highlights of the event were comments of an invited expert Valdis Janovs, who is extremely experienced in entrepreneurship. Mr. Janovs owns the hotel “Janne” and a student guesthouse in Riga, is competent in finance and insurance and is knowledgeable about bio and circular economy: he possesses a garden, where he keeps bees and grows various herbs and vegetables for hotel needs. Valdis emphasized the importance of considering the financial aspect while generating new ideas and making decisions.

At the end of the event, the best team, the best team leader and the best player were awarded. Everybody received certificates.