On 13 December 2017, 38 persons from Latvia and Lithuania gathered together to participate in a pilot business simulation game in Jelgava. The players were split in 6 teams. Each team had representatives from six different regions of the cross-border area and had to solve tasks typical for retail business.

As an example, partners had chosen Stella – a small tea and coffee shop operating in a shopping center in a city with about 100 000 inhabitants. Game participants actively engaged into helping Stella to survive in the market by providing suggestions on how to deal with personnel in critical situations, how to negotiate with a lessor wishing to sharply increase rent and what to do if a turnover has suddenly decreased.

Participants’ answers were assessed by a jury, who rated teams’ ability to understand situations and imagine how they will develop further, as well as demonstrate strategic approach, logical thinking, creativity, novelty and communication skills. Project partners were impressed by players’ high motivation and aspiration to succeed.

At the end of the event, 3 best teams, the best team leader and the best team player were awarded. Everybody received certificates.